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Behavior Intervention Specialist Support

At TCEC, our behavior interventions specialists work with students between the ages of 3 – 18 who exhibit behaviors that cause a negative impact on their learning or the learning of others. These behaviors typically result in a consistent pattern of referrals to the office or behavior deans and the student’s refusal to participate in daily school tasks.

Our behavior intervention specialists begin the assessment process by evaluating the student and finding out what is creating these negative behaviors. We use the FBA assessment, which helps our specialists accurately identify the type of help the student needs. After the assessment, we create a behavior plan, called a Positive Behavior Intervention Plan (PBISP), and customize the plan to fit the individual’s needs.

Once the plan has been created, our specialists will coach the staff on how to implement it effectively so the student can improve their behavior in the classroom. Another method our behavior intervention specialists use involves changing the student’s environment at school to a level 3 federal setting. This means that the classroom has a smaller setting with fewer students, which allows for more support and time spent with the student.

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