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School Behavior Specialist Support and Services

School Behavior Specialist Support and ServicesOur school behavior specialists have a wealth of knowledge and strategies for helping students between the ages of 3 and 18 who struggle with behavior. We have experience providing school behavior specialist support in a variety of schools with their own unique environments. The special education classrooms we provide services for range from federal setting 1 (requiring the lowest amount of support) up to federal setting 4 (requiring more intense support in a smaller classroom).

By having a physical presence in the school, our school behavior specialist is able to accurately assess the services needed and help implement the changes the students need to help improve their behavior. We do not use a “one service can fix all” approach, instead, we create individualized plans that fit each school’s unique needs.

The following services are provided by our school behavior specialists:

    • Help schools to create and complete Functional Behavior Analysis Assessments (FBA’s)
    • Help schools to create data-driven Positive Behavior Intervention Plans (PBIP’s)
    • Create Level 3 Federal Setting environments that work for staff and students
    • Help schools create their behavioral three-tier intervention pyramids for their Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) models
    • Offer a multitude of Professional Development Sessions focused on giving staff strategies and systems that work for their students.

We offer two unique services that help improve behavior within the classroom. One of these services is the expectations behavior management system. This system prepares both students and staff for a new way of interacting with each other. There are 8 easy-to-follow lesson plans to help teachers set up a solid foundation for their students which builds their character and sets a path for success. The decisions the team makes about each child’s program is data-driven and based on best practice strategies. The second unique service that our school behavior specialists offer is intervention toolbox training. This is a professional development session that gives staff a variety of strategies to use with students before, during, and after a behavior has occurred. This training is for the entire school staff including office staff, custodians, cooks, regular education teachers, special education teachers, and educational assistants.

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