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Early Childhood Screening Assessment & Services

Twin Cities Education Consultants provides early childhood screening assessments and services to students to help identify any health or developmental concerns. We have a whole team of evaluators (pre-k school psychologists, Early Childhood Special Education Teachers (ECSE), Austim consultants, etc.) to provide a comprehensive evaluation to a student showing needs. This allows for a quick follow-through of possible ECSE services a child may need to be successful in schools. This assessment is required for all students upon entrance into a Minnesota public school, or within 30 days of enrollment into Kindergarten, and takes about one hour to complete.

Early Childhood Screening AssessmentThe early childhood screening assessment examines the following:

  • – Vision and hearing
  • – Height/weight and immunization records
  • – Large and small muscle skills
  • – Cognitive thinking skills
  • – Language and communication skills
  • – Social and emotional development

Having students screened in the early years is important because it will catch any difficulties a student may have physically or academically and allow time to provide additional support if needed. Once a difficulty has been identified, we can provide families with an action plan to support the student with learning in that particular area.

We also provide support with the next steps after the early childhood screening assessment has been completed. If an assessment comes back with concerns, our team can move forward with the next steps of referral for special education evaluation and talk with families about what that looks like for their child.

If you have any questions about early childhood screening assessments or other services that we provide, please contact us to speak with a professional.