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What is a functional behavior analysis?

A functional behavior analysis is an assessment that analyzes an individual’s behavior and why they are engaging in a particular behavior. Students who receive a functional behavior analysis are typically engaged in behaviors that are interfering with their ability to learn in the classroom. Any student between the ages 3 – 21 that is struggling with behavior in the classroom qualifies for this assessment.

How does a functional behavior analysis work?

The first part of the analysis consists of identifying the behavior that is causing the problem. Once the specific behavior has been identified, we will work directly with the student and teachers to identify what is triggering these behaviors, who is triggering these behaviors, and/or when this particular behavior is occurring. Once all of this information has been collected by our behavior specialists, we create a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) that will act as an outline on how to help school staff improve the student’s behavior. We will also coach staff through the behavior analysis and BIP so they feel confident providing the student with the services they need.

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