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What is a Gifted Child Assessment?

Gifted child assessments are for students who display outstanding intellectual and creative ability and may require specially designed programs or support services that are not typically provided in the regular education setting. Each district has their own criteria for determining if a student will go through the process to qualify for gifted and talented services. We work with each individual school district to help their students receive what is necessary to determine qualification.

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Our Gifted Child Assessment Process:

TCEC offers two different types of assessments, the objective, and subjective assessment. Objective assessments are norm-referenced based, whereas the subjective assessments are based on the students’ point of view (feelings, perceptions, concerns, etc). Assessment tools may include achievement tests, intelligence tests, creativity tests, behavioral checklists completed by teachers and parents, student/parent conferences, and available student work products. The assessment is subject to change based on each student.

We work with each district to support their needs in developing a gifted child assessment to evaluate gifted and talented program qualifications. We have care and compassion for the process of supporting students with their needs whether they are considered gifted and talented or need more support in other ways.

To get in touch with our educational professionals about gifted child assessments, please contact us today!