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Paraprofessional Early Childhood Special Education Services

early childhood special education servicesAt Twin Cities Education Consultants, we believe that paraprofessionals are vital in providing effective early childhood special education services to students. Our highly trained professionals work with students that are in Pre-Kindergarten – 3rd grade and in need of behavior and autism support. We bring a wealth of knowledge and adaptation support to the students and schools we work with.

Our highly trained paraprofessionals will generally work as assistants to a teacher in the classroom providing services and support to students when a teacher is not able to directly work with a student. The paraprofessional will also meet with teachers about different ways that they can help improve the classroom to better fit students’ needs. Our professionals even support students in the classroom with curriculum adaptations, academic guidance, and enrichment activities.

Because our paraprofessionals are in the classroom working directly with students and teachers, we can fully understand the situation and support the student with the appropriate education services they need. We adapt to each unique situation to ensure the student is getting proper assistance instead of providing the same services to every student regardless of their individual needs. This “boots on the ground” method allows us to hit the ground running and immediately make a positive impact on students in the classroom!

If you have any questions about our early childhood special education services or any other education services we provide, please contact us to speak with a professional today.