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The Importance of a Special Education Evaluation Assessment


A special education evaluation assessment evaluates a student’s learning ability as well as their performance in specific settings and learning environments. This assessment is given to a student that is showing signs of struggling in school and may need additional support in the classroom. Depending on the results from the assessment, we can determine the specific education support a student may require to be successful in school.

During the evaluation process, the student will meet with our special education staff and complete specific assessments to determine what areas the child needs additional educational support. There are different types of special education evaluation assessments we provide for students including:


    • Academic Assessment – Based on age, development, or disability
    • Autism Assessment
    • IQ Assessment
    • Emotional/Behavioral Assessment
    • Other Health Disabilities Assessment
    • Observations
special education evaluation assessment

The specific type of special education evaluation assessment a student will receive is based on the area of concern the student is displaying in the classroom, or the disability category that the student qualifies for. Whatever the individual needs for the school and students are, we will meet them.

Members of our special education team will also work with teachers to gather more information on the student in a specific learning environment, or if necessary, observe the student in the academic setting. Also, our team will support the school staff based on their individual needs. This can include:

    •   Making recommendations to schools on the best assessments for individual students being evaluated
    •   Providing portions of the evaluation – observations, specific assessments from a team member, providing a licensed teacher in the disability area, etc.
    •   Organizing evaluations from the referral phase through the entire evaluation process

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