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TCEC is excited to add Dan Mades to our team!

TCEC is excited to add Dan Mades to our team!

TCEC is so excited to announce one of our newest members to our team for the 2019-2020 school year! 

Also, please join Dan and TCEC at his first training with us on June 18, 2019!  He will be sharing what his Expectations Behavior Management System has to offer all schools and students as well as allowing you the opportunity to meet Dan in person to discuss how he might be able to support your school in the upcoming school year!

Dan’s Bio – view the Expectations article

Dan Mades Is a Father, Educator, and Author that has been working with special education students for the last 14 years in the Anoka Hennepin school district. Dan graduated from Bethel in 2004 with a degree in Social Studies Education. By 2007 Dan had gone back to Bethel to earn his Masters in Special Education. Dan holds teaching licenses in the area of Social Studies Education (5-12), Emotional Behavior Disorders (K-12), and Academic Behavior Specialist (K-12)

So far Dan’s career path in education has allowed him to work in the area of special education at the Elementary, Middle, and Highschool levels. During this time Dan worked in the following positions: Social Studies Teacher, EBD Case manager and Teacher, EBD Center-Based Teacher, Building Behavior Intervention Specialist, Lead Special Education Teacher, and ESY Site Coordinator.

Dan has passion for students who struggle with behaviors. What he wants most is for every student who struggles with their behaviors is to have access to a system where they have a fair opportunity to grow into their best self. These students often get labeled in unfair ways, yet not always given the opportunity to learn how to behave better.

That is why Dan has created the Expectations Behavior Management System. It is a book written with the purpose to provide every school a scope and sequence to create a school wide behavior management system otherwise known as a Multi-tiered System of Support, for those who struggle most.

This system was created for the purpose of creating a “prevent first” culture within each building it is used in. This book allows a school staff to create a data driven behavior management system for students who struggle the most at school. This system prepares both staff and students for a new way of interacting with each other. The 8 easy to follow lesson plans help teachers to set up a solid foundation for their students to build their character, and to set a path for success.

The decisions that the team makes about each child’s program is data driven, and based on best practice strategies. At the same time providing accountability for both staff and students to deal with behaviors as a team. Finally, all members of the IEP Team will have a new way to communicate to each other in real time so that appropriate decisions can be made to each child’s programming in a timely manner. The goal of Expectations is to help struggling students reach their full potential!