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A special education assessment evaluates a student’s learning ability as well as their performance in specific settings and learning environments. Depending on the results from the assessment, our Special Education consultants will determine the specific education support a student may require to be successful in school. During the evaluation process, the student will meet with our special education staff and complete specific assessments to determine which areas the child may need additional educational support. Our independent education consultants will:

  • Make recommendations on the best assessments to use for individual student evaluations  

  • Complete portions of the evaluation – observations, specific assessments from a team member, providing a licensed teacher in the disability area, etc.

  • Organize evaluations from the referral phase through the evaluation process


Twin Cities Education Consultants has an expert team of special education licensed contractors able to provide autism consultation support, special education teacher support services, social skills services, and due process assistance. 



A functional behavior analysis (FBA) will review an individual’s behavior and why they are engaging in a particular behavior. Students who receive a functional behavior analysis are typically engaged in behaviors that are interfering with their ability to learn in the classroom. Any student between the ages 3 – 21 that is struggling with behavior in the classroom qualifies for this assessment. After the information has been collected by our behavior specialists, a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) will outline how school staff will support and improve the student’s behavior. TCEC behavior specialists will also coach staff through the behavior analysis and BIP so they feel confident providing the student with the necessary services.



At TCEC, we partner with organizations throughout Minnesota to provide special education support to staff who work with special education children in a non-school setting such as a day camp or daycare center. Our team provides training for staff on strategies and environmental accommodations based on the disability category, particularly students with ASD and sensory needs.

Training sessions may be a one-time session prior to the start of camp, or it can be multiple sessions with coaching and modeling. Our level of special education support is dependent on what your organization needs. Our staff is flexible and willing to provide the services necessary to ensure children’s success in your program.

Additional training can be made available for staff that work directly, or more frequently, with children with special needs. Our team support remains available to each organization after the training if you need to reach out about an issue or any questions you may have.

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