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Dan Mades.jpg
Dan Mades

Manager General Education & Growth

K-12 Special Education Consultant

M.Ed. Special Education,

Bethel University
B.A. Social Studies Education 5-12, Bethel University

Social Studies Education 5-12
Emotional Behavior Studies, K-12
Academic Behavior Specialists, K-12

Summary of Professional Experiences: 

Dan’s career path in education started in the Anoka Hennepin School District working in the area of special education. During the 15 years that he worked in Anoka Hennepin he was able to teach at the Elementary, Middle, and High School levels. During this time, Dan held the following positions: Social Studies Teacher, EBD case manager and teacher, EBD Center-Based Teacher, Building Behavior Intervention Specialist, Lead Special Education Teacher, and ESY Site Coordinator.


The last four years, Dan has been working for Twin Cities Education Consultants. The primary focus of his work is helping schools implement either his special education behavior management system called the Expectations Behavior Management System or his newly created General Education Social Emotional Learning Curriculum; The Power of Three.

Personal Information:

Dan was born in Plymouth, MN, and went to Robbinsdale Armstrong High School, then to Bethel University. Growing up he enjoyed playing football, was a part of the wrestling team, and inter-mural sports. His favorite thing to do is go golfing with his family. Dan is married to his wife Katie, and they have two kids together, Maddie and Landon. His daughter loves dancing, and his son enjoys soccer.

How can Dan help you?  

Dan can help your school with your Multitiered System of Supports starting with general education students and programing, by helping your school implement the Power of Three SEL program. Dan will come to your school and help you review your current system of behavioral interventions and assist your staff in strengthening your current system, or help you build one from the ground up.


In the area of Special Education, Dan can help your school in a variety of ways.


On the administrative side:

  • Help create due process monitoring systems that will set case managers up for success

  • Help build a due process filing system that is easy to use and will help your building with any due process corrections that are needed.

  • Help build teaching service schedules so that special education teachers have time in their day for teaching their students, completing due process, getting prep, and eating lunch.


On the services side:

  • Complete stand-alone Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA’s)

  • Help create Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP’s) that have a high impact on student behavior. I can also train your staff in how to create these.

  • Teach all special education grades, levels, and subjects.


On the programming side:

  • Help your school implement his Expectations Behavior Management System for your special education students who struggle with behaviors. This program will help transform how your special education team interacts with each other, by creating a student-centered program that focuses on solutions rather than problems.

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