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As partners in education, TCEC is here to support you! We understand the world of education, and our education consultants have the unique skills and tools to support your staff, students and school community. Schools that contract with TCEC are provided access to our team of experienced school psychologists, special education teachers, behavior specialists, autism specialists, general education specialists, and our connection to other metro area service providers.

Resources for Consultants Working with Students with Autism

  • Autism Spectrum Rating Scales (ASRS)

  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-Second Edition (ADOS-2)

Assessment and Evaluation Resources

  • Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children-Second Edition (KABC-II)

  • Behavior Assessment Scales for Children- Third Edition

  • Adaptive Behavior Assessment System-Third Edition
    (ABAS-3) Infant/Preschool & School Aged

  • Preschool Evaluation Scale-Second Edition (PES-2)

  • FBA Assessment Resources

  • Brigance Inventory of Early Development (IED) III
    Standardized Testing


More Academic Testing Resources

  • Test of Early Math Ability-Third Edition (TEMA-3)

  • Test of Early Written Language-Third Edition (TEWL-3)

  • Test of Early Reading Ability-Third Edition (TERA-3)

Resources for Scales of Intelligence and Ability

  • Wechsler Primary & Preschool Scales of
    Intelligence-Fourth Edition (WPPSI-IV)

  • Wechsler Nonverbal Scale of Ability (WNV)

  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fifth Edition


Other Education Resources

  • Comprehensive Executive Function Inventory (CEFI)

  • Social Skills Improvement System (SSIS)

  • Conners-Third Edition (Early Childhood & School Aged)

  • Children’s Organizational Skills Scale (COSS)

  • Second Step Curriculum

  • Zones of Regulation

General and Special Education Information

Crisis Information

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